Feb. 28th, 2006

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Hi...guess I ought to introduce myself, huh?

Let’s see...well, the basics are simple. My name’s Frank Taylor, I’m a private investigator working in LA. I used to be a cop...it isn’t exactly an upgrade, I know, but it’s a living. I’m also divorced...and I used to have a son. Unfortunately, it’s all tied together.

Back in 2000, my little boy, Kevin, was abducted from our home. He was only four...just a baby when it happened. To make a long story short...everything fell apart after that. My wife, Jess, divorced me...I lost my job...

...then I lost my life.

Look, it’s crazy. I know it. And I don’t make it a matter of public record because of that fact, but...well, this group looks sort of custom-made for this kind of stuff.

About four years ago I was working a missing persons case when I got stabbed by a man named Simon Dean. He was a suspected pedophile...but I got my shots in before I went down for the count. Threw him off the roof we were on...he broke his neck and I bled to death. Literally.

I died on the table, but they brought me back...along with something else.

Now I can see the dead...and the dead can see me. I don’t just see random spirits, on their end I stand out. One of them once told me that I glow...guess you could say that ghosts like me. A little more than I’d like, actually...let’s see, since I developed this gift I’ve been possessed, blinded, beaten, nearly drowned, fallen in love, institutionalized (okay, so that was voluntary, but a ghost led me to the sanitarium), kidnapped, and had more attempts on my life than I can count.

Anyway, it’s all given my line of work an interesting new twist. When taking clients, I no longer discriminate based on status life. It’s the living clients that pay my bills...but the ghosts that have become the people that I protect and serve these days.

Most of them, anyway.

I ought to warn you that there’s one spirit in particular that’s stuck around. You see, ghosts are souls that can’t rest...unfinished business and all that. When they’ve resolved things, they move on to...wherever we go when we die.

Simon Dean’s one of those restless souls...but he won’t rest until he finishes what he started.

So as long as I’m alive, he’s always going to be here...and he won’t stop until he sees me dead. Or worse.

At any rate, this has been my life for about four years now. It’s not much...but it *is* a living.

For the most part.


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