Aug. 21st, 2006

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I don’t believe in reincarnation. Actually, that’s the wrong expression to use...I know reincarnation isn’t real. At least I know in an ‘on a scale of one to ten, give it an eight’ capacity. No one knows anything for sure, but considering I deal with the dead on a pretty routine basis? I can safely say I’ve never encountered a single incident of reincarnation.

Souls come to me...I help them...they move on. I don’t see them again.

I have, however, been dead personally, so if you want to talk about reincarnation? There is a somewhat oddball version I can ascribe to...that movie Chris Rock made, the knockoff of Heaven Can Wait. He dies too soon, but when his body’s destroyed, he gets another one...the body of a man who died so recently that he can claim it for his own before anyone’s the wiser. I can deal with that idea of reincarnation. I’ve had the out of body experience, I’ve seen the path to the other side. Hell, I brought a piece of it home with me.

Okay...if you want a good reincarnation story? I can give you one. Down the street from the Blackhawk there’s this new age bookstore. I’ve frequented it often enough over the years that I’m on a first name basis with the owner, girl named Shelley. Anyway, she offered to read my aura, so I let her. *She* claims in a past life, I was a heard me right, a knight, medieval style. Chivalry, swearing fealty to my lord, the whole bit. She recommended a past life regression specialist to me...hypnotherapy or something.

After my previous experiences with being forcibly rendered unconscious, I declined. Knowing my luck, Simon would choose that exact time to stop in and start walking around in my bones for a while, and frankly? That’s the *last* thing I need.

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