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Jun. 29th, 2006 01:24 pm
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Now that’s kind of a trick question...I mean, I’m a private detective. It’s not exactly an illustrious profession...infamous is a much better word, if you ask me. The jobs I take...the things I do...they’re not always exactly decent, y’know? I mean...I’ve taken my fair share of missing persons cases, murders and kidnappings...they *do* happen. But? A fair amount of my paying business is unfaithful spouses, insurance fraud...stuff like that.

So in the workplace? I have few to NO scruples when it comes to getting what I want.

In my personal life? Well...that’s another story. My ex wife...when I divorced her, I still loved her, but I did it because it was better for her...maybe for both of us, I still don’t really know. Thing is, though...I wanted her. I really did...but I couldn’t keep her. I *chose* not to keep her.

There are those times, though...like that day I woke up in a hotel room I’d never seen before...my first experience with possession. I didn’t stop ‘til I had answers...until I knew for sure what the hell was happening to me. It helped, though, that I was being suspected of attempted murder, y’know? Even if the IA rat on my ass was the real attacker...it lit a fire under me.

There are things in my personal life I hesitate about...work’s never a question. I want it...I own it. But I guess that’s always been part of my problem: my job has always been my life.

Now? It still is...but in a far more literal sense.

So it begs the question...what am I willing to do to get what I want?

You’ll have to be a little more specific.

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