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To me, family is everything. It’s always been a big part of my life, keeping family close to me...though I admit, for a long time a family of my own wasn’t really something I was after. Don’t get me wrong, I was never against the idea, but...the force was my life. I wasn’t too keen on asking any girl to play second fiddle to what I *knew* I wanted.

Then Jessica came into my life.

I knew everything the moment I realized I was in love with her. I wanted it all...marriage, house, kids and a family dog. I wanted more than a career, I wanted a life and I wanted it with her.

When Kevin was born...I realized what family was really all about. In her hospital room, holding that little tiny creature we made together...watching him nurse, and later at home, looking into his crib with Jess beside me...I knew I could kill for it. To preserve them, us...the way I felt when we were all together...

I know it sounds a little messed up, but my family was the first thing in my life that ever really belonged to me...but the same way my arms and legs are mine, the way my fingerprints are mine and absolutely no one else’s.

But in the end, that’s the problem with something that close to you...when you lose an arm or a leg, it’s difficult to learn to live without it.

Me...I’m not sure I ever will.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 252
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I think that to date, the most dangerous thing I’ve done was to commit myself to a mental hospital in order to solve a case. Reason being? Too many people thought I belonged there.

Dante keeps telling me I can’t put this ‘seeing ghosts’ thing on the shelf...can’t take it on and off like a jacket. The asylum made me see just how right he was about all my efforts to separate myself from this gift, making it a ‘part of the job’ was starting to destroy me to the point that even my friends were seeing it.

I went into that place to work...but I think the whole messed-up ordeal was better than all the group therapy I could ever hope to sit through. Jess and Marcus knew why I went in...but when Marcus asked me about my “real” reasons for committing myself, in stung on an odd level. I wasn’t offended or anything...but knowing my best friend thought I was that far a way, it opened my eyes a little more.

I’m riding a fine line at the moment, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to totally accept this talent I’ve got for touching death...but people think I’m crazy, and I can’t blame them. I’m afraid of ending up in another institution, one I can’t sign myself out of because somebody else put me there.

There’s a balance somewhere in between...and I know I have to find it if I don’t want to end up lost for good.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 262
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My First Time.... )

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 501
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I think if I could know? I’d like to know what Jess still feels for me.

The reason is simple...I still love her. I never stopped.

There’s been others for both of us, I know that...but love comes and goes in this life. Some just stick with us longer than others. Jess...she’s the mother of my son, wherever he might be. Kevin...I loved him, *love* him more than words can say, but not just because he was my son.

I love him because he was the both of us. Jess and I had something really special once, something so big and so precious that it created a human life. Once upon a time, we loved each other so completely that Kevin was the result, and I haven’t forgotten that. After we lost him...she was all I had left of him, of us, and I didn’t want to give her up.

That’s the thing with loss, though...once you lose, you keep on losing in order to preserve what you have left.

So I let Jess go...and I saw her drift away from me. I can’t deny the same happened to me...but again, I lost the woman that meant something to me.

Loss is all I seem to know anymore...but for once? I’d like to know if I have anything left to gain.
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Hi...guess I ought to introduce myself, huh?

Let’s see...well, the basics are simple. My name’s Frank Taylor, I’m a private investigator working in LA. I used to be a isn’t exactly an upgrade, I know, but it’s a living. I’m also divorced...and I used to have a son. Unfortunately, it’s all tied together.

Back in 2000, my little boy, Kevin, was abducted from our home. He was only four...just a baby when it happened. To make a long story short...everything fell apart after that. My wife, Jess, divorced me...I lost my job...

...then I lost my life.

Look, it’s crazy. I know it. And I don’t make it a matter of public record because of that fact, but...well, this group looks sort of custom-made for this kind of stuff.

About four years ago I was working a missing persons case when I got stabbed by a man named Simon Dean. He was a suspected pedophile...but I got my shots in before I went down for the count. Threw him off the roof we were on...he broke his neck and I bled to death. Literally.

I died on the table, but they brought me back...along with something else.

Now I can see the dead...and the dead can see me. I don’t just see random spirits, on their end I stand out. One of them once told me that I glow...guess you could say that ghosts like me. A little more than I’d like, actually...let’s see, since I developed this gift I’ve been possessed, blinded, beaten, nearly drowned, fallen in love, institutionalized (okay, so that was voluntary, but a ghost led me to the sanitarium), kidnapped, and had more attempts on my life than I can count.

Anyway, it’s all given my line of work an interesting new twist. When taking clients, I no longer discriminate based on status life. It’s the living clients that pay my bills...but the ghosts that have become the people that I protect and serve these days.

Most of them, anyway.

I ought to warn you that there’s one spirit in particular that’s stuck around. You see, ghosts are souls that can’t rest...unfinished business and all that. When they’ve resolved things, they move on to...wherever we go when we die.

Simon Dean’s one of those restless souls...but he won’t rest until he finishes what he started.

So as long as I’m alive, he’s always going to be here...and he won’t stop until he sees me dead. Or worse.

At any rate, this has been my life for about four years now. It’s not much...but it *is* a living.

For the most part.
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Okay, so I have one hour to live? Fine...I’d find Marcus and Jess and take them out to lunch. Spend my final hour with the people I love...and get one last decent meal in my stomach. I’ve seen too many people die alone and unhappy...I’ve felt the suffering of too many spirits who ended their lives unseen and unknown. I don’t want that for myself.

There’s more to it, though...most folks might try to earn a few last brownie points, but not me. I know what’s going to happen when I die. I know *exactly* where I’m going.


I’m pretty sure by now that my son is dead...if I die, I’ll find out for sure. But I need to know the how and why...and I need justice for my baby boy. I refuse to rest until I know the truth...all of it. I will not go quietly on into...whatever’s waiting, until I know the ones who hurt Kevin pay for what they did.

I have a lot to look forward to by letting go of this world, I know. I could possibly see Kevin again...I *will* see Julia again. I’m sure of it. But it’s not who I am...I didn’t become a cop just to catch bad guys, I did it to protect and serve. It’s all I’ve ever known, all I really know how to do.

So...when my time comes? I’m staying right here.

And praying to God that I’m not the only person out there with this curse of a gift.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 263
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You want me to pick *one?* That’s kind of whole life is about hearing secrets and whispers nobody’s supposed to hear. The dead are constantly telling me their secrets...and through them, more often than not I’m exposed to things about the living that should have died with the spirits that come to me.

I guess you could say that the things I’ve discovered are good...beneficial. Listening to the whispers of a ghost got me institutionalized, but I helped a dead man reclaim his identity, and got a lot of healthy people out of a place they didn’t belong. This gift of threw me into the middle of a case that rooted out a bad cop and saved a good person’s life...though maybe that doesn’t count. Considering the ghost spent most of the time *possessing* me, I didn’t get to overhear much. But I saw plenty.

We all have secrets...there’s always something you probably shouldn’t have said or done, but it’s there, and someone knows it.

And if that someone’s no longer among the can better believe that skeleton in the closet will one day end up on my doorstep.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 199
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Bruce Springsteen

* * * * *

Sixteen year old girl...a runaway. Her parents were looking for her, and an hour later she was standing in front of my desk with a bullet hole in her head.

I did the work...I found the guy...I gave her peace.

I brought her mother and father the charm bracelet she was wearing...all they have left of their baby.

Now I’m as far from the office as I could get...Griffith Park. We planned to take a trip up here when Kevin was older...Jess and I. He loved the glow-in-the-dark stars we put on his bedroom ceiling...we figured he’d like the Observatory.

I find myself a nice grassy patch of ground and I nearly collapse onto it. I’m heavy...weighted down by anything and everything. I’m tired...drained, completely wiped out. Around the park, there’s not a lot of you a better view of the stars. I want the dark...I want this glow in me to be hidden for a while. I don’t want anyone, living or dead to see me.

I want to rest...just for a little while, I want to rest and think and *be.*

It’s an improvement over the last few least I’d rather be than be dead.

It’s not much comfort, but I *have* gotten better. I guess in a way...I’ve started to accept what I am, what I’ve become. I’ve been doing this for four years, and I stopped looking for an escape about two years ago. Now all I look for is shelter...sanctuary. Best part is...I *can* find it, if I look hard enough.

I lay there for a while, just looking up at the’s hard to believe, living in the city, that when you get to places like this the sky gets so *full* endless gleaming universe of stars, big and small, bright and twinkling, trying to crowd each other out to see who can shine more brightly. From the window of my office...the sky always looks so empty. It’s an emptiness you can get lost in...not here. Here, there’s no way you could get can’t be alone or afraid because there’s so much like and so much beauty...

I shut my eyes finally, irrationally wishing I could drink in the bright light of the stars, soak it right into my skin. I can still see them behind my eyelids...I can almost feel them shining down.

And in the void, in the quiet surrounding me...I can feel *them*, too. The ties that pull me back into the city. Marcus...Jess...and even Simon. By now, I think he knows he’s fighting a losing battle...because as hard as he tries to take me down, there’s people with me, fighting him, even if they don’t know it. Even if they’ll never know it.

And then there’s Kevin.

I miss my little boy. I grieve for him every day, I ache for him each and every moment.

Reaching into my back pocket, I withdraw my wallet and open it to Kevin’s picture, just staring for a moment.

My anchor.

Simon can’t hurt me and he can’t kill me, because I have to live for Kevin. Above all else, I need to be worthy of him.

I want my son to be proud of me.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 559
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Nestor Cruz.

He was a blind Vietnam vet…a homeless man. Alone in a lot of ways, but not. He reminded me of myself in too many ways by the time I finished with his case.

Nestor showed me the darker side of being invisible…he made me realize the deepest reasons why I’ve had to hide my gift from the people I care about. The normal world…it doesn’t want to see the bad things, and so it doesn’t. It also doesn’t want to see things it can’t understand. It turns its gaze from both because both frighten them.

That’s me and Nestor…pretty scary fellas.

Before Nestor, I thought my eyes were open to a lot of things…ghosts, psychic phenomenon, the power of curses and witchcraft…there wasn’t much I *didn’t* believe in anymore.

I thought I was different from most people…but I wasn’t. I saw the dead, I saw the darker side of a city where The Beautiful People reign supreme…but there was still a lot I didn’t see.

Dante told me that the heart was the seat of all emotion…that when I heard Nestor trying to tell me about his heart, that that was the reason.

When I held that heart…his medal in my hands…when I heard those words echo in my ears again, I understood just how right Dante really was. Only a small measure, though…it wouldn’t be until I met a young dead woman named Julia Caufield that I’d really learn how something as insignificant and small as an old war medal…or crossing paths with a beautiful woman in a bar.

Me and Nestor Cruz…the homeless guy on the street, the forgotten heroes that have fought for their country, the men and women who suffer in silence because of strange and terrible, wonderful gifts that they never asked for.

We’re all invisible to you. And while we may be lonely people…we’re never really alone. None of us.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 318
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“I want a divorce, Frank.”

We were separated when it happened…we’d been separated once before, a year before Kevin was born. It lasted all of three weeks.

This was different…much different.

She came to see me at the hotel I was staying at…a little hole in the wall in Van Nuys, not far from the station. Cool, impersonal…no place I intended to stay for very long. Close enough to work for my tastes, and close enough to home that I could go back to Jess at a moment’s notice.

That’s not what she wanted, though…not by a longshot.

She had the papers, too…that’s what I couldn’t believe. She already had the goddamn paperwork…she had to have been talking to a lawyer at least a month before I moved out of the house to be *this* ready.

“I want a divorce, Frank.” She said to me, one hand extended with the papers in them.


“I don’t fucking believe this.”


“Jess…please, think about this…think about what you’re *doing*…”

”I have, Frank. I just…it’s not you, it’s me.”

Liar. It wasn’t her *or* me…it was Kevin.

“It’s just not working anymore.”

More lies. When she saw me, she saw our little boy, and she couldn’t deal with it.

When I saw her, I saw the mother of my son…all I had left of my baby. She was a little piece of Kevin, and I couldn’t stand to be away from her.

She was all I had to get me through the worst event of my life, and she wanted out.

That’s the problem with loving someone as much as I loved my wife…you’ll do anything for them, and you won’t think about what happens to you.

“You have to understand, Frank…I still want to stay close. We need each other.”

“Right…but you don’t need me enough to stay married to me.”


I looked into her eyes when she said it…my name, that one little word. There was just so much pain…too much. It hurt me to see it…I loved her, and I didn’t want to hurt her. I take my promises seriously, and I’d promised to love her…love her ‘til death do us part.

I guess sometimes loving someone means letting them go.

That’s why I signed…and that’s why I kissed her when I gave her back those papers, complete with my signature on every page.

There’s been a few other women since Jess…but I still love her. I always will.

Married or no, I don’t need a license for that.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 421
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It’s kind of silly…but the only real superstition I’ve ever had is biting my nails.

Yeah, I know…but it’s true. Started when I was in grade school…biting my nails was a nervous habit, but even if I didn’t study? I always did better on a test when I bit my nails. Now that I’m older, I know it was just a crutch…comforting, or relaxing or what have you, but my parents played hell for years trying to get me to quit.

Now? Superstitions? I eat, sleep, and breathe them. I don’t believe in ghosts, I talk to them. I work cases for them…I know possession is real and I know that the chills you sometimes get isn’t someone walking over your grave…it happens when you walk over someone else’s grave. I know that if you die with unfinished business, you gotta put it to rest before you can move forward.

Does anything get rid of the spooks? No…not until they get what they came for. And for some…like Simon Dean…that means seeing someone dead before you can find peace.

And Simon’s got a *very* long wait ahead of him.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 189
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Dear Julia,

I know you’ll never see this, being that you’re dead...but I have to get it off my chest anyway. I read somewhere once that the Greeks believed that the dead could hear our thoughts. Well...wherever you are, I hope you can hear me now.

I never asked for this thing...this gift of mine. Nobody wants to spend their life tied down to death this way.

I had to meet you to realize that what I am now...what I’s all just another part of the circle. We’re born...we die...and even when this life ends, we can still be happy, still find joy...erase the darkness of our own passing with something that makes it all good again.

You were in pain, and I’d like to think that I brought you some joy before you moved on. I hope that I erased some of the horror of your death.

Because you need to know one thing, if you know nothing else about me. Your life may be over...but you brought me back to life the day we met.

I just hope when my life is over, I can find you on the other side...just like you found me.

All my love,

Muse: Frank Taylor
Words: 211
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What is one thing you have learned from your past?

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past, it’s a man’s capacity to take things for granted...*my* capacity to take things for granted.

I was a blue collar man stuck in a blue collar job...a working stiff. I played hell paying my bills, I didn’t get much sleep most nights, and life wasn’t exactly easy...but I had to lose everything before I finally realized just how good I had it. A beautiful wife I was madly in love with, a gorgeous son I adored...a job I was passionate about, a great partner...Jesus, I even liked my mother-in-law.

Right now, I’d give anything to have Jess at home to complain about the bills...I’d sell my soul to endure one more sleepless night holding Kevin when he had a nightmare. I want more time, another chance to appreciate what I had.

I’m still helping to catch bad guys. I’ve saved lives...I have a roof over my head and I just manage to make ends meet. I also, however, talk to the dead, haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in well over a year, and half the people in my life think I’m crazy.

But...there’s still people in my life that I care about...who care about me...and some of those spirits have made my life better, in their own way. I’ve done some good, and I’d like to think that I’ve paid for some of my past sins.

Life’s not so bad...but it was better, once.

And sometimes I have to wonder if it can ever be that good again.

* * * * *

Describe a dream that you've had. How did the dream make you feel?

Frank heaved a deep sigh and shut his eyes, throwing an arm across his face to blot out the light. He didn’t have enough strength left to shut the lights off, or even close a window.

Sleep would come that Simon wasn’t here to stave it off.

* * * * *

In his dream, he was back in the corridor, only now he was alone there, Kevin standing at the far end. His hand was outstretched, beckoning to Frank as a sunny smile graced his perfect, slightly pudgy little features.

Frank could only stand there, tears forming a lump in his throat that made it difficult to breathe. Light streamed down from the ceiling, forming a circle around the small boy, casting him in shadow as it had in the hospital when Frank had died.

Kevin waved to him again, taking a step forward this time...closer to the edge of the circle, heading out of the light.

“Kevin, no!”

The words tore from his throat in a hoarse cry that stopped the little boy in his tracks. Frank understood now...and the pain of his revelation was more than he could bear.

He was never going to see Kevin again.

* * * * *

With a start, Frank awoke, gaze darting around in the hazy confusion of one rising from the depths of a dream. His breath came in harsh, ragged gasps, calming slowly as he flopped back down on the couch again.

Frank covered his eyes, shoulders shaking as the silent tears of truth came.

Kevin had gone into the light...and that’s where he had to stay, safe and protected, and hopefully happy.

But Frank knew, really *felt* the truth in his bones for the first time.

His baby boy was dead.
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