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Name:Frank Taylor
Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
"That special talent that you brought back from the other side, it makes
you glow in the dark, my friend. Lots of people claim to see ghosts, but very
few can claim to be seen by ghosts, Frank."

-Dante, from "Blind Witness"

* * * * *

My name is Frank Taylor. I used to be a cop. I had the perfect life...a great job, a wife I loved more than anything, and a beautiful son.

Then six years ago, my son was taken from me. Picked straight out of his bed...I heard a sound. I didn't check it.

And I paid the price.

I lost everything after wife, my job...and later on, my life.

After I turned to private investigation to make a living, a missing person's case got me stabbed on the roof of a building downtown, but not before taking out the man that did it. I died on the table...but I came back.

And the dead came with me.

Now, I live and work over the Black Hawk, a bar near Downtown LA. I'm still a private investigator, and I manage to get by...even if more times than not, my clients aren't always among the living. And now, I work with one big stumbling block in my path...Simon Dean: the man I killed. The man that killed me.

He won't rest until he sees me dead...he gets off on watching me suffer. He's killed me, tormented me, deprived me of sleep...he's even gone after my wife.

But in spite of it all...I still look for answers. I know it's been too long since Kevin was kidnapped...I know that I saw him when I was dead. I help the souls I can, and I do my best to keep Simon at bay...

...but I need to know what happened to my baby boy.

* * * * *

This is an RPG journal for the character of Frank Taylor and strictly for entertainment purposes. HAUNTED was a show that aired on UPN in 2002. It filmed about 12 episodes but ran only seven. For more information on the show, go here.

Also the character journal for Frank Taylor in theatrical_muse and fandom_muses Fandom: Haunted
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