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He hadn't left his apartment in three days. They wouldn't let him.

Frank sat slumped against a far wall in wifebeater and jeans, feet bare and toes bruised...he was pretty sure that at least one pinky toe was broken from kicking the wall in frustration. Their voices rang in his head and resonated through his flesh with every pass.

"Just let it go, Frank."

Lifting his head sharply, Frank could feel the ice cold fingers against his chin as Simon crouched beside him. Something about this was wrong...wrong in so many ways...

"Why do you want to help her?"

"Now that one's easy." Simon drawled, hissing softly. Cold, still air beat against his flesh and made him shiver...devoid of hope, desperate for sleep, agonizing over injuries both self-inflicted and spirit borne.

"Just let it go, know how it goes."

The spirit wanted in...the spirit wanted blood. Sympathy made him weak, Simon made him vulnerable. Focus...he had to focus. Earth and water, sea and sky, keep me safe from harm. The elements could protect him if he wanted it. He had power now...he'd worked so long and he had power now...

Simon laughed, wrapping a hand around his neck. "That's the beauty of power,'ve got room enough for just one more."

Terror gripped him just as a knock came at his door. His mouth opened to warn off the visitor.

It was distraction enough for the dead to overtake him.


A minute and a half later, the door to Frank's office opened, the glass panel still covered by a slab of plywood. Frank limped into view, peering curiously at the redhead on the other side. Little was unusual about him...with the exception of the fact that his warm brown eyes were now several shades lighter, taking on more of an amber color.

"Yes?" he asked of the woman curiously.


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