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Jun. 5th, 2006 10:47 am
glowinthedark: (Frank So Alone)
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[locked to all those who are unaware of the existence of the supernatural]

Given the chance, I’d tell Jess and Marcus about me...what really happened when I came back from the dead. I’d explain every single solitary crazy thing I’ve said or done in the last few years so that my best friend and my ex-wife, the woman I *still* love, wouldn’t have to worry anymore. They could stop thinking I was a nut and realize the kind of work I’ve been doing.

I’d tell Marcus the truth about the Delacour family...about Abby’s vengeful ghost, and why the woman he loved really died. I’d tell him how she killed her family under Abby’s influence, tell him everything he needed to know until he realized that he couldn’t have saved her...that he did everything humanly possible. I’d let him know that the brief time he had with Rachel was the most, and the best he could have done for her.

I’d tell Jess why the man she was dating tried to kill her. I’d tell her about Simon Dean, how he took away the once chance either one of us might have had at getting any answers about Kevin...any closure. Maybe one day she and Nick would get back together...maybe she’d be less afraid to find someone. I’d tell her about Julia...how she changed me, how much she still means to me.

But above all else? I’d enjoy the freedom...the weight that would come off my shoulders, the fact that nothing would be hidden. I know it’s a little selfish, but it’s not easy to hide who you are...and I’ve grown to accept this part of myself. Simon’s a small example of the downside of what I am...but it’s *really* small when you look at everything else. I’ve done a lot of good, and I’m proud of that.

Still...if I could tell them...I’d almost be normal again. No secrets, no monsters in the closet. And I’d give the world for that.


Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 326
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