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Cindy is...nothing like me. Style-wise, I mean. We’re night and day there. She’s just so...full of light. And that’s just not me...hasn’t been for a long time. It’s not something I’m proud of or’s just how it is. It’s one of the reasons I’m so glad that we met...when I’m with her, things aren’t so dark all the time.

She’s all about color and flair...she dresses nicely, she’s got that bright red hair...even her notebooks are splashy and eye-catching. She’s perky and she’s cheerful without being over the top or annoying, and I love that about her.

Me? I’m not exactly the most social of people...haven’t been since I we lost Kevin. I don’t get out much, and my style? I really don’t have one. My wardrobe is functional, my apartment’s livable, if barely...I’m just me. However pathetic that is.

At least...with the exception of my kitchen.

Cindy’s only been down once or twice since we first met...and yeah, got together...but the last time she was here, she was complaining about my kitchen. No curtains, no cute coffee mugs even though I drink a ton, and I thought she was going to have conniptions when she started waving around the hand towel I have in there. It’s green. It’s old, but it’s clean.

She leaves on Sunday to fly back up to San Francisco...and when I get home, she’s left this stack of striped kitchen towels on my counter, all different colors. Clearly I’m meant to use them...or else. I know enough about women to know that.

I don’t know when she’s coming back again...but I am using the towels. And not because I have to.

It’s the only piece of real color in the room...and it’s the only piece of Cindy in the whole house ‘til she visits again.

Muse: Frank Taylor
Fandom: Haunted
Words: 314
Partner: Cindy Thomas ([ profile] ourclubrocks) [Women's Murder Club]
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